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The Cross Arena takes note of Mr. Cross’ special day.

Working from home over the next nine years, Mr. Cross built up his agency’s business bit-by-bit. In 1963, the Cross agency left the family home for an office in downtown Bangor. That year also saw the agency hire its first employee as well as the acquisition of its first agency. In the 1970s, Mr. Cross’ sons joined the family business working alongside their father. The agency now also counts members of the third generation of the Cross family as well.

From those humble beginnings, Mr. Cross, and his family, have grown the agency from a one-person operation in 1954, to one of the largest family-owned agencies in the country. In 2017, the agency counts more than 35 branches and upwards of 800 employees throughout New England. If that is not impressive enough, the agency has also acquired over 110 agencies over the years.

And while having just completed 100 years, Mr. Cross is still as involved as ever in the company. While his son, Royce, is the actual president of Cross Insurance and his grandson Jonathon is Executive Vice President, Woodrow Cross still comes into the office a couple of days a week to check on things. As interested as ever in insurance, he also continues to talk about insurance and his agency even on his days off.

Well-wishes from around New England

It is a fitting testament to his career in insurance, that The Cross Insurance Facebook page is filled with well-wishes to Mr. Cross attesting to the mark he has made not only in the insurance industry around New England but with the many employees who work for him.

As such, we thought independent agents everywhere would be happy in hearing about this latest milestone of Mr. Cross’ as well as to join in wishing this fellow independent agent from Maine a many happy returns.

Happy 100th birthday Mr. Cross!

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